Costco Shrimp Chips; Price, Calories & Reviews

The Costco food court has endless things which you cannot count. Costco keeps on introducing new items so that patrons might get more tasty things from there.

Costco shrimp chips are a delightful snack that you can have any time you desire. It’s super tasty, fluffy, and crunchy, which can fulfill your appetite for a short period. 

You can serve the sokusa shrimp chips as a starter, while Chinese restaurants serve it with the proper meal.

Let’s get into the details to know more about the Costco happy shrimp chips. Furthermore, how many calories does this item hold in one serving? 


How Do Costco’s Happy Shrimp Chips Taste? 

The shrimp flavor in such chips is quite mild, and you need to work hard actually to taste the shrimp. Instead, there is a strong butter and garlic flavor that is not overpowering. 

The shrimp chips also have a hint of sweetness and onion flavor to them.

When all of the ingredients are mixed, the chips are fairly flavorful and tasty. The chips are fluffy and light, and they remind me of Styrofoam packing peanuts.

The chips have nearly no shrimp flavor. Instead, I get savory flavors from the onion, garlic, rosemary, and parsley, with sweetness from the sugar.

The Costco shrimp chips in Canada are fluffy, light, savory, and crunchy, with just a little hint of shrimp flavor. Furthermore, the chips are nothing like I anticipated and made for a delicious snack! 

The texture will be the most obvious difference between such Costco shrimp chips and any other potato chip.

Such chips are airy and light. They’ve got a nice crunch but also melt in the mouth. The texture isn’t necessarily worse or better but rather distinct and distinctive to the shrimp chips.

Shrimp Chips Costco Cost: 

You can get a sixteen-ounce bag of Costco shrimp chips in Canada for around 8.49 dollars. This great snack can be located in the snack section, where chickpea puffs, multigrain chips, and tortilla chips are present. 

Sokusa Shrimp Chips are fried chips prepared from eco-friendly palm oil and wild shrimp. They are flavored with garlic and butter and have 13.5 percent wild shrimp. 

  • Shrimp Chips with Garlic and Butter 16 oz. two-pack
  • Costco Shrimp Chips Two Pack Cost: 32.99 dollars
  • Costco Shrimp Chips Every Pack Cost is 16.50 dollars
  • Costco Shrimp Chips Item number: 1477016

One thing that astonished me when I opened the bag was that the shrimp chips were much smaller than I had expected.

My prior shrimp chip experience had been with fairly big-size chips (three to five inches in length), so I was anticipating something similar with the extra-large huge bag. But overall, I like the chips, and the test is considerable.

Costco Happy Shrimp Chips Ingredients: 

The product has crustacean shellfish, egg, milk, wheat, and soy. Moreover, it has a huge list of ingredients that make it yummier. Let’s have a glance at them. 

Tricalcium phosphate Onion powder Sodium caseinate 
Glycerine fatty acids esters Garlic powder Milk fat 
Sugar Salt Silicon dioxide 
ShrimpDried whole eggSoy lecithin 
Palm oil Soy sauce Rosemary oleoresin
Tapioca flour Artificial flavor Parsley 

The label shows that the items have been made in a facility; therefore, they might have peanuts, tree nuts, and fish. 

Happy Shrimp Chips Costco Nutrition:

The one serving has forty servings, while the full container holds fifteen servings. So how many calories are there in one serving? Let’s find out. 

Total fat9 g 
Cholesterol0 mg 
Sodium280 mg 
Carbohydrates20 g 
Sugar3 g 
Protein<1 g 

The sokusa shrimp chips are low in sodium and fat and are cholesterol-free. What’s more, a single serving has about forty chips, which is a lot of snacking. 

Are Costco Shrimp Chips Healthy Or Not? 

Shrimp chips aren’t great for your health because they’re salty processed foods, but they might have a little nutritional value in a diet.

Most chips and popcorn have around 150 calories per ounce of food. It seems to be fairly common in the industry. 

Because such shrimp chips are really light, you would want to consume forty of them to get one ounce and 150 calories.

Costco Shrimp Chips Reviews:

The chip bag is easily re-sealable, which is always great because it keeps your chips fresher for longer.

The Costco shrimp chips have been at the top for nearly a year from the date I bought them. 

In general, the Costco happy shrimp chips are really tasty, solid, addicting, and not too salty.