Costco Corned Beef; Nutrition, Reviews & Cooking Direction

Costco warehouse is a great retail store that has everything. You can locate everything you require in your everyday life, like incredible Costco Corned Beef.

However, if you desire something for the kitchen and desire to do some grocery shopping and are in search of a fantastic store, then Costco is the excellent choice for you.

Furthermore, it’s an astonishing warehouse that has everything. I’m certain once you go here, you’ll become a fan of this place.

Costco has many locations all across the globe, and they have opened their locations in almost all the cities of the United States. 

Have you ever utilized the products of Kirkland Signature? While it’s a great company that Costco owns. Their products are very admirable and delicious. Costco corned beef is one such nutritionist product. 

If you like corned beef, then do not purchase it from anywhere except Costco because they provide highly qualified beef that is raised without antibiotics. 

Today, I will share brief information about corned beef at Costco. It’s really yummy and brings a magical taste to the taste buds.

Furthermore, beef has no added hormones or any sort of other bacteria. In this post, you’ll get how much-corned beef is at Costco.

How can you cook corned beef?

So continue reading till the end to discover the amazing Kirkland corned beef. 


How Much Is Corned Beef At Costco? 

The Costco corned beef cost is comparatively high because of the quality. Even when you purchase any type of beef from Costco, you’ll locate them at high costs.

But on the sale, the costs drop down a little. However, the beef here is USDA prime certified, while they don’t have additional hormones.

Also, Costco corn beef doesn’t have antibiotics. Therefore, you can utilize the corned beef Costco with good satisfaction as it doesn’t harm you. 

Is It Healthy To Consume Corned Beef?

Kirkland’s Signature Costco corned beef is an excellent source of protein, while it is the most nutritious beef part. However, this beef cut has a lot of iron and vitamin B12.

It assists the body in making the red blood cells healthy. Corned beef has a good amount of selenium which is vital for thyroid hormones. Furthermore, it assists in making the best DNA and improves its functions.

As you know, beef already has a high sodium amount. Therefore, avoid appending a lot of salt to it because it’ll cause some serious heart disease. 

Whereas it comprises both processed and red meat, the processed meat comes to the grocery store after getting through some processes like fermenting, curing, salting, and lastly, smoking. 

Costco Corned Beef Nutrition:

Certainly, Costco corned beef has a great delicious taste, but individuals are curious about their nutritional details too.

When we speak about the taste because it’s the brisket beef cut that has a delicious flavor, though it’s stiff, but when it gets ready to consume, its taste is just beyond imagination.

But how many calories are there in one Kirkland corned beef Costco serving? Let’s find out. 

  • Protein: 19 g 
  • Sugar: 0 g
  • Net carbohydrates (less than 1 g)
  • Sodium: 680 mg
  • Total fat: 10 g
  • Calories: 180

The serving size is four oz., and according to the serving, it has a total of 180 calories. However, the obvious thing is sodium, whose constituent is around 680 mg.

Because it already has high sodium, therefore, try to evade more salt in it. It’s because the high sodium can harm cardiovascular functions and could cause a heart attack. 

The great thing is that it has 0 g of sugar while the fat amount is 10 g. 

Costco corned beef nutrition

Costco Corned Beef Cooking Direction:

How can you cook Costco corned beef? 

Costco corned beef takes a long time to prepare because it’s quite hard. It’s the brisket beef cut which is stiff and naturally hard. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to cook perfectly.

You need to braise it so that its stiffness could demolish well. You ought to have a beef broth for cooking completely. Let’s have a glance at the process of cooking Kirkland corned beef. 

  • First of all, take out the beef from its packaging and rinse it carefully. Make certain the seasoning ought not be affected throughout rinsing. 
  • Put the Costco corned beef in a big pot and then append one cup of beef broth to it. 
  • Now append water to the pot so that the beef dips well in the water. However, append enough water so that the beef ought to be under the water. When you see that the water level has dropped, then just append more water. 
  • When the water starts boiling, then cover the pot and let it cook for almost three hours. 
  • Append a few spices and one peeled onion to it, and then let it cook for another one and a half hours. However, it’ll take almost four and a half hours to prepare. 
  • Remove the pot from heat and check whether the beef has cooked enough that it’s simply pierced using a fork. If you desire to add vegetables, cook the corned beef for more than thirty minutes together with your preferred vegetables.  
  • After that, remove the Costco corned beef from the pot and put it on the cutting board. Cut the beef into slices and serve it. 
  • Whereas serving the beef in a beef broth is a great idea because it gives a great taste. 

Costco Corned Beef Reviews: 

The Costco corned beef has a lot of advantages, while it’s a yummy cut of beef. It’s cured in a salt solution. This procedure is performed to make the corned beef ready for packaging.

However, the Costco corned beef’s taste is savory and salty, while its texture is very juicy and tender. Because it has a high amount of sodium, therefore, avoid eating it on a regular basis.

Though the cooking procedure is long, trust me, when it is ready, it tastes wonderful. I hope you’ll like this review. Thank you so much for your time.