Costco Cakes Menu Prices 2023; How To Order A Cake From Costco?

Costco is a fantastic choice if you are searching for an inexpensive yet tasty cake for the next event. They have a broad selection of cakes to pick from, and Costco cake prices are difficult to beat.


Most wanted Costco cakes in 2023:

With a broad variety of sizes and flavors to pick from, there is sure to be the Costco cake that will suit the requirements you have. Plus, with costs starting at just 11.99 dollars, it is simple to stay within the budget. So what are you waiting for?

Be certain to order the cake early, as they can frequently be sold out closer to the date of the special occasions. Here is a glance at a few of the top Costco cakes for 2023.

Costco Cakes Costs:

Costco cakes are really well-liked and they frequently sell out. That is why it is significant to be familiar with the diverse Costco cake prices before you visit the store.

By knowing what to anticipate, you can make certain to get the cake you want without breaking the bank. Read on for more details about Costco’s cake pricing options.

Costco Cakes

Costco cakes’ prices can seem like a bargain, but they’re quite costly for the quality you receive.

However, if you’re searching for something unique and affordable, the Costco food court menu is an awesome choice. Plus, their cakes are tasty!

Costco Cakes Prices are between eleven to fifteen dollars.

Unbeatable Costco Cakes Bakery Products:

If you are searching for a bakery that can offer quality Costco cakes at an amazing cost, Costco bakery is the one place to go. With a widespread menu that comprises everything from Costco’s sheet cakes to customizable choices, there is sure to be the Costco cake that fits your budget and requirements.

Plus, the staff at Costco is skilled in cake decoration, so you can be certain the cake will look astonishing no matter what theme you pick. So check out Costco for the next celebration or Costco birthday cakes; you will not be disappointed!

Costco fruit cake is a popular and tasty variety of Costco cakes that’s well known for its fruity and rich flavor. Prepared using fresh fruit and chunks of tasty vanilla sponge cake, it’s extremely moist and tasty.

With its irresistible and sweet flavor, it’s no wonder that Costco Christmas fruit cake has become such a well-liked treat amongst individuals of all ages.

If you are searching for an indulgent after-dinner dessert or simply a sweet treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Costco cheesecake will definitely hit the spot. So if you are searching for an inexpensive yet delicious indulgence, be certain to pick up a slice (or two!) of Costco cheesecake!


Amazing Costco Cakes Flavors:

Costco cakes are a well-known choice for birthdays and any other celebration. The store provides various flavors to pick from, comprising vanilla, chocolate, etc.

Costs begin at 19.99 dollars for an eight-inch Costco cake. Costco also provides custom Costco cake that can be actually personalized with text and images.

Major Costco Cakes Flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla

Costco Sheet Cake Menu:

Costco is an amazing place for purchasing delicious and affordable food. The Costco sheet cake is no exception. At first glance, this Costco cake might seem like a mundane purchase.

However, when you glance at what this choice has to provide, it rapidly becomes clear why it’s one of the most well-liked items the location sells. Here are just some reasons why Costco sheet cakes are really well-known. 

  • In the first place, it’s incredibly inexpensive. 
  • In addition, it has various sizes for accommodating any special occasion. 
  • Lastly, Costco sheet cakes are recognized for their perfect texture and delicious taste. 

So if you are searching for an affordable and impressive dessert option, be certain to try out Costco sheet cake!

Costco Sheet Cake Cost:

Special Occasion Sheet CakePrices
Full Sheet Double Layered18.99 dollars

Costco Cakes For Birthday Party:

Costco is a great option if you are searching for a delicious and affordable birthday cake. They provide a varied selection of cakes, and you can pick from numerous diverse Costco Cake designs and flavors.

Plus, Costco’s costs are frequently much lower than the ones at other bakeries. So if you want to save some cash on the next birthday cake, be certain to check out Costco!

Costco Mother’s Day Cake:

For a lot of individuals, Costco is a go-to place for inexpensive food and party supplies. And when it comes to Mother’s Day, they certainly don’t disappoint.

Every year, Costco launches a special Mother’s Day cake that is both beautiful and delicious. The cake is usually decorated with hearts and/or flowers and is always a huge hit with mothers.

If you are searching for a cost-effective method of showing your mother a little love this Mother’s Day, be certain to try out the Costco Mother’s Day cake!

Costco Chocolate Cake:

It’s a classic dessert that a lot of individuals enjoy. Costco is recognized for its tasty food items, and this cake is no exception. This rich and moist cake is ideal for any special occasion, and it is simple to prepare at home.

The store has brought back its All-American mini cakes to satisfy our sweet tooth desires with convenience and ease on tap from now until the time runs out. 

Costco Cakes Sizes And Prices:

Costco cake’s sizes and prices differ, but usually, Costco cakes are less costly than the majority of other care providers. The Costco cake’s size also tends to be much bigger than the majority of store-bought cakes.

It can be a great choice for a big gathering or if you desire to save some cash on the cake. However, because the Costco cakes are really big, they frequently need more advance notice for ordering. So be certain to plan if you are interested in buying a Costco cake!

The store provides various cakes, a few of which are remarkably inexpensive. And, if you are searching for a big cake, Costco is the best way to go. Check out the sizes and prices down here for seeing what is suitable for the event.

Costco Cakes Menu Prices 2023

Costco Cakes Menu Prices 2023SizesPrices
Costco Round Cheesecakes Menu  
Costco Round Cheese Cake72 oz.$12.99
Round Cake (Eg: Key Lime Cake)68 oz.  $11.99
Costco Cinnamon Butter Pound Cake44 oz.$6.99
Costco Specialty Round Cake (E.G Topped With Strawberries)76 oz.  $16.99
Costco Bar Cakes Menu  
Costco Bar Cake (E.G: Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse, Fruit Topped Vanilla Mousse)42 oz.$15.99

Can I Order The Costco Cake By Phone Or Online? 

Costco is recognized for its amazing deals on food and other items, but it might be hard to locate one of its most well-liked options-a custom cake! The brand doesn’t provide a phone call option or an online ordering system, except for certain locations that permit faxes in orders.

How Long Does A Costco Cakes Order Take?

Costco cake orders are needed to be submitted twenty-four to forty-eight hours in advance. If you desire the special order edible gift delivered on time, ensure that it is placed at least a day before!

Costco Cakes Menu Order Form:

When it comes to delicious Costco cakes, there are numerous menu choices to pick from. So whether you are searching for a wedding cake, anniversary cake, or birthday cake, Costco has got you covered. 

Go no further than Costco’s cake menu! You will locate various sizes and flavors to pick from, so you are certain to locate the ideal cake for the next celebration.

Plus, thanks to Costco’s competitive costs, you can save some cash without compromising on quality. So what are you waiting for? Begin looking into Costco’s cake menu today!

Costco Cakes Order Form

Costco Cakes Order Form

Cake Design Options:

The form for the cake-topping desires contains the following options:

  • Roses – Colors (specify rose colors)
  • Costco Bear
  • Cross
  • Roses – All white
  • Seasonal Design (specify event) 
  • Flag
  • Candles 
  • Scored 
  • Balloons
  • Rainbow
  • Baby Shower

Costco Cakes Designs:

Costco Cross Cake

Costco Cross Cake

American Flag Costco Cake

American Flag Costco Cake
American Flag Costco Cake

Costco Graduation Cake

Costco Graduation Cake
Costco Graduation Cake

Costco Baby Shower Cake

Costco Baby Shower Cake

Costco Balloons Cake

Costco Balloons Cake

Rainbow Cake at Costco

Rainbow Cake at Costco

Costco Candles Cake

Costco Candles Cake

Costco Roses – All White

Costco Roses – All White

Costco Roses Cake – With Colors

Costco Roses Cake – With Colors

Costco Scored Cake

Costco Scored Cake

Costco Cakes Price United Kingdom:

Costco cake prices in the UK differ depending on the design and size of your custom cake. Usually, more miniature cakes will cost between ten pounds and fifteen pounds, while bigger custom cakes can cost forty pounds.

A few local Costco Cake designs might be more costly than the others, so it’s essential to consult the cost list before getting the cake. All Costco cakes are prepared fresh in-store and comprise complimentary birthday messages.

  • Costco Cakes costs for the United Kingdom: Sell for 14.99 pounds (Plain Undecorated 13.99 pounds).
  • Costco cake United Kingdom serves: Forty-eight serves
  • Local Costco cake United Kingdom Size: Every Costco cake is 40cm x 30cm in size

Costco Allergens Menu:

  • Soya
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat

For more information about UK Menu Visit :

Costco Cakes Canada:

The cake is frequently a vital part of celebrations, whether it is an anniversary, birthday party, or any other special event. So if you are searching for an affordable and tasty cake for the next special event, then check out the Costco Cakes Canada menu!

You will locate a remarkable selection of cakes to pick from, all reasonably priced and prepared using quality ingredients. Plus, you can get one online and have it delivered straight to your door! Read on for more details on Costco’s cake offerings.

Costco Cakes Costs Canada:

If you have ever visited Costco, then you know that they have a few of the best costs around on everything from clothes to food items to appliances.

But were you aware that Costco cakes are also a bargain? Here, we will have a glance at the diverse Costco cake costs in Canada, so you can have an idea of how much you will be investing if you order one.

See the Costco costs for cakes in Canada. You will be astonished at how much you can really save. Plus, the cakes are always delicious and fresh. So what are you waiting for? Get the cake fix today!

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

When it comes to getting cakes, the majority of individuals think they need to go through a specialty bakery. However, were you aware that you can also get cakes from Costco?

Here, we’ll provide you with a little guide on how you can order your cake from Costco. So, whether you’re searching for a birthday cake or something for some other special occasion, read on for tips on how you can get the ideal cake from Costco.

Q: How Can You Order A Cake From Costco?

They ask that you order the cake from the local Costco warehouse bakery, as they do not offer online options.

Please remember the need to complete the order form and give them at least two days’ notice before delivery or pickup; it’s all so they can make certain what flavor combo works great!

Q: How Much Are Costco Cakes?

When it comes to Costco cakes, there are many diverse choices to pick from. You can have everything from affordable sheet cakes to uniquely customized cakes with all the bells and whistles.

But how much do such Costco cakes really cost, and are they worth the cost? Here, we will glance at a few of the diverse cake choices accessible at Costco.

Q: Do You Order A Costco Cake Online? 

Most people ask this same question: can I order Costco cake online? The answer is no; You do not order Costco cakes online.

We at Costco bakery desire you to know that they do not provide online cake-ordering options. That’s because of the strict 2-day notice requirement, and order forms require bakers’ requirements, all to ensure customer satisfaction!

Q: How Much Is A Costco Sheet Cake?

When it comes to cakes, you have a great deal at Costco. Costco half-sheet cake costs about twenty dollars and has servings for forty-eight individuals, which is cheaper than any other place!

You can also compare this cost with other well-known places that charge around twenty-five dollars per sheet of paper-thin sliced stuff.

It does not matter if the birthday girl/boy desires an elegant tall fruit plentitude type dessert because we have got both choices accessible here in the marketplace.

Q: Does Costco Location Have Cakes In Stock?

Costco will, at times, have pre-made cakes in stock for sale. It’s really convenient because you can simply purchase them on the same day without placing the order, but understand that there are limitations as to what they provide and are accessible at any given time.

Particularly when it comes to the different flavor choices! One visit revealed just chocolate ten-inch round layer cakes or white half-sheet style sheets accessible (though I have seen both New York cheesecake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough).

Q: Does Costco Make Carrot Cake? 

Costco used to serve carrot Costco sheet cakes, but they presently don’t have a special order for them. However, you can purchase mini versions of such diverse times throughout the year, and it is possible that it can satisfy your craving!