Sambazon Organic Acai Packs Costco

Costco Wholesale is the 2nd biggest retail store in the world. It’s a huge market that offers everything; we utilize in our everyday life, like acai bowls, Acai packs from Costco, etc.

Furthermore, every product is high in quality and super convenient. 

Therefore, you can purchase everything from Costco instead of going to any other place.

We’ll give you reviews of numerous products of Costco. Undoubtedly, it’s an amazing place where everything is accessible. 

You’ll locate the unended list when we discuss diverse cuisines because Costco offers many cuisines that aren’t just high in quality but also great in taste.

Have you ever heard about the Acai bowls? It’s a super pack of fruits with tons of nutrients and flavors. 

You can locate them at Costco simply. However, Costco acai packets are one of the yummiest products available at Costco. 

These Costco acai frozen packets are superfruit packs with a lot of flavors. Its preparation technique is super-fast and really easy.

Whereas Costco Sambazon acai packs are outstanding for making yummy acai bowls. In this article, you’ll get information about the Costco acai superfruit packs. So let’s get butter to the amazing product Costco acai packets. 


Acai Packets Costco Cost: 

The cost of the Costco acai berry smoothie pack is convenient and affordable. However, its cost is diverse, relying on the local warehouse.

Because there might be a little difference in costs in diverse cities, they sold items at relatively low costs on sale. 

Therefore, do not miss the chance to get the tasty packs of Sambazon acai on sale available at Costco. 

The complete pack has twelve servings, which you can have for 12.99 dollars. Hence the cost of every pack will be 1.08 dollars, and I think it’s a great deal. 

Conversely, you’ll get the same product for 8.99 dollars on sale. It breaks down to 0.74 dollars for every pack. You can find the Costco acai super fruit packets in the freezer section. 

Costco Acai Packs Ingredients: 

The bag has twelve acai packs, which are about 3.4 ounces, every pack. However, such packs are great for making smoothies as well as bowls.

They provide an intellectual taste when you make yourself a smoothie from the acai pack Costco because the taste is so creamy and refreshing that you’ll fall in love with it.

Furthermore, I assure you that you’ll never taste a smoothie like that. Since it has numerous fruits loaded with flavors, let’s have a glance at the ingredients of Costco acai packets. 

  • Guarana blend
  • Acai berries 

The Costco acai packets recipe is quite easy, while they comprise just a small list of constituents.

But the taste is great, and they’re ideal for making smoothies as well as acai bowls. However, the acai berry smoothie pack from Costco has tasty acai berries.

These berries are picked from the palm trees in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. 

Also, the Guarana blend has a high amount of caffeine, while it’s a native plant to Amazon. 

But every pack has caffeine but less than five mg. It’s the amount of natural caffeine that’s found in every serving.

Overall, the acai frozen acai packets are outstanding in texture, great in taste, and great for preparing acai bowls. 

Furthermore, it is the beautiful and excellent packaging of acai fruits. However, the product’s star is that it’s vegan, Non-GMO, and gluten-free. 

How To Use Costco Sambazon Acai Packs?

Making acai packets is simple, but you need to thaw them before using them. Utilizing them in acai bowls is a really amazing idea.

However, you can utilize them for making smoothies, giving you the most enjoyable taste. To utilize the acai bowls, follow the below method. 

  • First of all, soak it in warm water for 1-2 minutes or thaw at room temp before utilizing it. 
  • Then, blend at least two packets of ½ cup of banana, ¼ cup of any of your preferred liquids, and ½ cup of fruit. 
  • Pour the puree into the bowl and cover it with the granola topping. Enjoy your tasty meal. 

I’ve shared a few methods to utilize the acai packets, and you can also make them with your own choices. But thaw them before using them as it’s a required part.

Let me share my recipe for making acai bowls. 

However, I take ½ cup of strawberries, ½ cup of blackberries, and ½ cup of banana. You can utilize frozen and fresh fruits.

But I utilized fresh fruits for preparing the acai bowl and the two acai packets. But for smoothies, try using frozen fruit, as it turns out the best. 

Opening the acai packets is simple because they have tear marks on them. 

Furthermore, I never utilized scissors or a knife to tear the acai packet.

Then I append the material inside the acai packet to the blender together with some frozen fruit such as a banana. 

After it, I let it blend for about a minute, and when it’s ready, I pour it into a bowl.

When the puree is ready, I append some fruits together with the granola topping and then enjoy my colorful and tasty acai bowl. 

Acai Packets Costco Calories:

The ingredients of the Costco Sambazon acai pack are full of health and flavor. However, the entire bag has a total of 12 acai packs, while the serving size is one packet.

How many calories are there in one serving? Let’s find out! 

  • Net cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 15 g
  • Sugar: 12 g
  • Sodium: 15 mg
  • Total fat: 3.5 g
  • Calories: 100

Costco Acai Packs Reviews:

Costco acai pack’s sweetness is noticeable, and I think it’s a moderate sugar level. Does Costco provide acai packets? 

Yes, Costco provides organic sambazon acai packets with a lot of flavors in them. 

However, you can locate the acai packets in the frozen section of Costco as they come in frozen packaging. It’s kid-friendly as well.

The taste is really amazing, and the acai bowl has diverse fruits that provide a mixed flavor. Also, you can utilize the Costco acai frozen packets in diverse recipes.

Final Thoughts:

Certainly, it’s a beautiful pack for people who like to consume smoothies and acai bowls. 

They improve the flavor and give a magical taste to your taste buds, whereas it’s a completely organic acai packet that tastes yummy. 

Its blending consistency is amazing, while it’s not really sweet. Thank you so much!